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April 5, 2013
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MM: Niflheim Schiffer by Renn-kun MM: Niflheim Schiffer by Renn-kun
Switching out primary characters ; v ; Hopefully Niflheim will get accepted. If you guys are wondering what will happen to Nagi, he'll still be around but as an NPC. He's no longer in school however. I'll try to get my NPC app of him up by this week to explain a few things and what he's doing > v < )v

I'm reusing a existing oc from my other account fyi~ :iconlazydieplz: asdfgh changed his name though

EDIT: THANK YOU Jujupancakes and to my friend who will not be mention :iconimsopervyplz: you know who you are~~ for helping me summarize his history!

R1 Nif:
R4 Nif:

R5 Persona
R5 Revamp
:iconpuke-kun::icontellplz: If I could use someone to get me what I wanted, I would. And rarely would I feel guilty about it. I mean if I played you, you should have been paying more attention. You'll get over it.

[Name:] Niflheim Schiffer
[Nicknames:] Senpai, Milk-kun, Nif
[Age:] 18
[Birthday:] October 30th
[Height:] :new:5'8", 172.5cm (He grew an inch q v q mama is proud)
[Weight:] 130lbs (with prosthetic)
[Year:] Three (Foreign Transfer Student) [ Class: 3-C ]

Pocket Knife
Choosing this as a weapon was an easy task for him. It's compact and simple, both things which he liked. Niflheim thoughtlessly picked it up at a local army supply store while he was browsing around as he waited for his sister to finish shopping at a grocery store next door.

Death Arcana [ XIII ] You must close one door in order to open another. The Death does not only represent doom and destruction, but as well as renewal and deep changes.

[Arcana Rank:]
Five :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::new:

[Suit: ]

[Nationality: ]

[Persona: ]
Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper, also known as the Phantom of Death is a largely known and unidentified serial killer who was active in the year 1888. Attacks ascribed to the Ripper typically involved female prostitutes who lived and worked in the slums of London and whose throats were cut prior to abdominal mutilations. The removal of internal organs from at least three of the victims led to proposals that their killer possessed anatomical or surgical knowledge. It was also said that the Ripper have cooked and eaten one of his victims kidneys in the letter he written, bringing fear to the population that he engaged in cannibalism.

[Skill Set:]

[HP: 19/19 l SP: 9/9 l Regen 2/Sharp Student/High Counter/Instinct/Hustle]

:bulletred: High Counter - 30% chance of countering physical attacks
:bulletred: Instinct - Increases Counter Range by 10.
:bulletred: Regenerate 2 - Recovers 1.5 HP during your turn.
:bulletred: Hell's Judgment -
:bulletred: Fatal End -
:bulletred: Brain Shake - Inflicts a small amount of slash damage up to three times with a chance of Exhaustion on one enemy. Roll Dice 3 to determine amount of hits. Damage per hit is equal to R2 attacks(1.5 HP per)
:bulletwhite: Hustle -
:bulletwhite: Sharp Student -

- His little sister, Amelia
- Milk (soy milk, strawberry, chocolate, coconut, other kinds of milk)
- Girls
- Drinking games (with milk)
- Games (in general)
- Making friends with the world
- Reading
- Simplicity
- Excitement in danger

- Feelings / strong emotion on his part
- Men (Most of them anyway--- he just can’t get close or connect with them)
- The color blue
- Not getting his way
- Drinking products that isn't milk (save from water)

This guy is as friendly and cheerful as can be until someone gives him any reason to dislike them. While Niflheim is an extremely open minded individual, automatically taking a liking to people before getting to know them--- His feelings toward someone may gradually change after learning more about a person; it depends on who it is honestly. He would often be seen as calm in even the most unusual situations, always seen with a steady smile on his face. Although through his friendly manner he is in all actuality cold and indifferent to other's feelings, putting up a good act of caring however. He adore games, and would sometime coax others around him to participate in a few rounds of childish games (such as kick the can, hide and seek, tag).

He is very passionate about the things / people he cared for. Once someone has touched his heart, he would go to extremes for them without any regard for his own safety or welfare. You could say he has a one tracked mind.

:new:He can be somewhat cruel towards others without a legible reason. Often speaking out his thoughts without fear of being criticized for his nasty and or frank remarks.

Resilient against pain: He did lose his arm. Minimum pain from cuts and scrapes does not faze him.
Brutal and merciless: Although he doesn't know when enough is enough, this could work on his favor nonetheless.
Excels in communication / expressing words: This boy is like a sly snake when it comes to his words. He often take advantage of others by using his sharp tongue.
He can adapt quickly to most situations)
High Stamina: Although at a loss with upper body strength because of Niflheim being a one arm wonder, he makes up for it in speed and stamina.

Delusional: This boy doesn't think he can be beaten down and or die. He’d rush into a fight he cannot win.
No teamwork coordination whatsoever: Niflheim would rather do things his own way rather than rely on his teammates.
Lacking empathy: It's difficult for Niflheim to comfort others who are in pain.
Zero Defense: He doesn't think of guarding or shielding himself, all he cares about is attacking.
....Amputated in his dominate arm: His right side is his blind spot and he's a bit useless in doing trivial things like tying shoelaces without his prosthetic arm. (THIS IS WHY HE DOESN'T WEAR SHOES WITH LACES LOLOL )

Niflheim is the eldest of a set of fraternal twins. He has an adoptive brother but is much older and away from home. Their successful and well respected parents did their best to mold them into what they deem perfect. Unfortunately only Niflheim came out on top. He bested his twin sister Amelia at everything.

Amelia grew distant once in highschool, acting as a shadow of Niflheim as he grew popular with his charismatic attitude. Niflheim's friends began to torment the girl behind his back, and threatened to hurt her brother if she told anyone. Niflheim grew silent when Amelia grew distant, letting a wall continue to build between them. After asking himself why were so apart, Niflheim followed his sister and found the truth behind it, and protected his sister and brought her home. As she was being carried home, she told him it was going on for half a year.

After spending time mulling over his precious sister's pain, and how he was completely oblivious to it until now, he went to the kitchen. Taking a knife, he proceeded to jam the knife in his arm for each torturous day that Amelia had gone through. In the end, the arm had to be amputated and he got a prosthetic.

[Coming to HHS]

After some period of time Niflheim came to Kirimori on request from his parents to check up on his adoptive brother who lived in the city and whom they haven’t heard from in a while. The teenager found his brother inside the other’s flat unresponsive on the floor. After a full analysis on his brother’s condition, the doctors diagnosed him with RMD. At a loss on what to do, Niflheim’s parents have decided to leave their son there to keep them updated on their adoptive son's condition as they were too busy with their hectic jobs in Germany. For his senior year of Highschool, Niflheim transferred to Higashimori High.

(Extended verison here: )

■ His adoptive brother has been with the family since he was a child and refuses to communicate in any other way aside from his native language. This forces most of the Schiffer Family to learn Japanese.
■ His mother is a complete nut about mythology~. (reason behind his name ;; ) While his father wanted their children to have normal names, they compromised on the names.
■ His Little Sis is with him in Kirimori. It's difficult for him to be apart from her now.
■ Only amputated to his upper forearm
■ Had been homeschooled since his amputation and slowly got used to using his only arm left as his dominate as well as gradually getting used to using prosthetics. He chose to go to HHS, his first school since his two year absence so he can enjoy life as a student for his last Highschool year.

[Social Links:]
:new: :new:

[Morphos Points and Inventory:]
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